What Legacy and Impact is All About


If you've ever struggled with tech overwhelm of designing and implementing your marketing strategy.

Or have ever wasted hours and hours of your time creating things like a simple lead magnet or facebook banner.

Then you're in a right place.

Legacy and Impact is a place where digital entrepreneurs learn simple design tactics to implement your marketing faster.

I have worked with more than 20 marketing agencies in the last 2 years on their websites and they have used my advice to build better systems for their businesses.

and my practical design tips will help you separate yourself from your competition.

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How Legacy and Impact Helps You Make More Money As A Marketer


"Marketing Experts" who are trying to convince you that the website is dead - They are trying to sell you something.

The truth is that websites are easier to create and manage than ever before, You need no coding or tech skills to create one.

Similarly creating other marketing assets like a Lead magnet, landing pages, funnels, chatbots, email design etc have become super easy because of the evolution of user-friendly software.

Now, if you are an entrepreneur or marketer who doesn't have these basic design skills, then you are going to be left behind by people who do have these skills because marketing and design fields are merging together.

And that's where Legacy and Impact comes into play. In this blog I will give you the simple and actionable tips to design all your marketing related assets.

What I am about to teach you will be like learning to drive a car, once you know how to drive one car then you can drive any car. Similarly, I will teach you design and tech skills that you can use to design any marketing asset like landing page, lead magnets, funnels, websites, logos etc.

It all about getting a knack of it, I will help you with that and believe me, it very easy.

About Nikhil Arora


Legacy And Impact is founded by Nikhil Arora, an expert at designing high converting marketing assets.

After working with dozens of marketers. He found out that marketers are frustrated with their inability to do basic design changes like updating a headline of their landing page or creating a facebook banner with right fonts.

He created Legacy And Impact to share his knowledge and make it easier for digital entrepreneurs to design and implement their marketing strategies faster.