10 Best Websites for Health & Fitness Coaches

Creating a personal branding website isn’t only about making it look beautiful but effective.

A high converting website for health and fitness coaches is all about persuading your target audience to take action and sign up for your coaching services.

There is a large number of websites for health and fitness coaches on the internet that generates a massive amount of leads.

What if you just copy one of those personal brands in this field and set the website up?

Do you think it will earn you the same number of bucks?

The simple answer is… NO.

Because when people arrive at your website, they seek how you’re better and different from your other top competitors.

That’s why the few who put some extra effort in building their brand online leads the way to the top.

Skip the struggle of hit n trial and model your website after the most successful health and fitness coach websites.

Here is a list of 10 Best Health and Fitness Coach Websites that can inspire you to get that perfect design for your website.

Don’t miss out on checking the following elements for inspiration:

  • Copywriting
  • Font Styles Used
  • Domain Name
  • Available Offers
  • Color Patterns
  • Website Layout

1. Emily Skye

Emily Skye is a fitness coach who is helping women to level up their fitness and transform their bodies.

Just as you land on the homepage of Emily Skye, you’re welcomed with a slideshow of her amazing and unmatchable physique.

There is a highlighted CTA that stays still around the slideshow.

The Hot Pink and Aqua color used to set the CTAs apart from other content instantly grabs the attention of the user.

Without talking too much about herself just under the slideshow section, she moves on to tell the users how her program has been changing people’s lives.

Showing results to her audience, she immediately captivates their attention.

Don’t forget to check out full Sales Page of Emily Skyes

2. Steve Weatherford

Steve Weatherford is a health and fitness coach who runs his personal website on the back of his 10-year long journey in the NFL.

Many fitness experts even termed him the fittest man in the NFL.

His above the fold section consists of many individuals at different stages of their life making it look interesting.

It helps him connect with different types of target audiences.

His homepage embraces 6 photos and all are connected to different sections, products and services on his website with the help of an eye catching call to action button.

Also, take a look at Steve Weatherford’s Website and Landing Page

3. Dan Holguin


Dan uses a brilliant combination of images, videos, and stylish font to make his website eye-catchy

His homepage is filled with lots of information.

Unlike many other health and fitness coaches, he has organised it in a sensible way.

His use of photos and videos right on the homepage quickly earns the trust of a user.

His main headline reads “YOUR BODY IS YOUR BUSINESS”.

It’s a powerful way of saying that you should take care of your body as you take care of your business.

Check out his full Website here

4. Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson’s website is a great example of how you can create a reliable and stunning website without using those grungy and manly patterns that other fitness coaches use on their website.

Shawn has been featured in Forbes, ESPN, Entrepreneur, and a few more magazines.

And he mentions it cleverly right under the header to establish an effective social proof from the get go.

There is a list of menu options at the top-right section to quickly browse through the web pages.

His homepage is filled with all the important stuff that compels users to engage with the content.

Check out his full Website here

5. Brittany Brown


Brittany Brown offers her unique diet plans for women on her website.

She has a deep understanding of her target female audience and reflects on the design of her website.

She has thrown the Indigo shade here and there on the homepage that seems just astonishing from a woman’s perspective.

You just can’t ignore the copywriting of this website.

Just look at how impressive that above the fold region is.

She offers free training if you fill in your email address.

Yes, that’s how you collect the email addresses.

Check out her full Website here

6. Kim Constable


Kim introduces her website with a video of herself working out.

It immediately grabs the attention of visitors igniting desire to scroll further.

A brilliant work of copywriting sails over the video.

Social media buttons are placed at the top.

The website layout is one of the best out there.

It has more than 15 attention grabbing call to action buttons.

Website: https://www.thesculptedvegan.com/

7. Jordan Syatt


The moment you open the website of Jordan Syatt, you see him standing and smiling while holding a banner in his hands that reads “PRESS PLAY”.

This design immediately shows that he is a friendly guy unlike other aggressive fitness coaches, that makes him stand out.

The navigation bar and website blocks are very nicely structured.

He has put together Black, Red, and Grey to give his website a stylish look.

The overall website design looks lively and energetic.

Website: https://www.syattfitness.com/

8. Steve Kamb


Steve kamb has put up a picture in the above the fold area of 7 people imitating nerds, misfits, and mutants.

The name itself suggests that this fitness website is for geeks.

He has designed it in a comical fashion that it only attracts his target audience… the nerds.

Layout is not a single bit aggressive.

He instantly connects with his customers with the main headline – “We help nerds, misfits, and mutants.”

Website: https://www.nerdfitness.com/

9. Joe Wicks


Joe offers diet plans on his website for the people who struggle to transform their body.

He has put up a call to action right at the top offering 60% off in a red background.

A user immediately finds himself interested in the discount offer.

The CTA buttons are either Blue or Aqua that makes them easily visible on the page.

Website: https://www.thebodycoach.com/

10. David Kingsbury


David Kingsbury is the guy who has built some of the best Hollywood bodies.

Some of his film projects include X-Men, Thor, The Wolverine, Assassin’s Creed, and Life.

He builds his authority and credibility straight away by stating – “I build Hollywood’s best bodies” right on the over the fold region.

There is a lot of content on the homepage itself that even someone who lands by mistake on the website can understand what it is.

Website: https://www.davidkingsbury.co.uk/