Top 10 Podcast Website Examples

Just like finding diamonds in the rough, searching the best podcast websites can be a daunting task. 

To showcase the top 10 podcast websites, I dove deep into the web and pulled out not only beautiful but websites that utilize almost every modern tactic to their fullest potential.

If you’re on your way to design a personal branding website, these top 10 podcast website examples will inspire you to design web pages that grab, engage, and sell. 

Every website in this list has some unique features that make it stand out.

In this post, I will guide you through those vital features of each website and tell you how they help it garner millions of visitors. 

Without further ado, let’s begin.

Here’s a list of Top 10 Podcast websites. 


Now, let’s have a look at each one of them separately to find out their success secrets.

1. Eric Thomas

The hip hop background of Eric Thomas helps him in inspiring the world in a unique way. 

He is a CEO of various companies and also leads other entrepreneurs to success. 

The major thing that he is doing right now is inspiring school kids which is really amazing. 

His over the fold has a black and white video background with an inspirational quote on the top of it. 

Then, he builds his social proof using high authority institutions like NBA, NFL, Under Armour, Jordan, etc.

He has nicely laid out his story and products throughout the rest of his website such that it’s easy to interact with.


2. Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is an American author, entrepreneur, former professional Arena League football player and host of the talk show The School of Greatness. 

He is one of the best podcasters out there. 

The way he asks great questions has made me put him in my top 5 podcasters list. 

The funny part is, I have been designing websites for 5-6 years now and most of my clients want to have a website like Lewis Howes’. 

It’s because of his great sense of photos and textures that his website is one of the best looking ones. 

The best feature of his website is the hero banner.

It presents a slideshow of four images with unique headlines including one that he uses as a call to action. 

As you scroll down, you can see him hanging out with celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Tony Robbins which instantly establishes his social proof. 

You should check out his landing page of the event The Summit of Greatness as it’s really well designed too.


3. John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneurs on Fire is like the father of all podcasts. 

They started podcasting way back when nobody was doing it and now they get millions of downloads per month.

John Lee Dumas can be seen looking directly into your eyes in the hero space of his website to capture the interest of his visitors so that they scroll further and listen to his free podcasts. 

Moreover, hero has a really good copy and call to action that leads to their newsletter. 

The second section builds up his social proof where he features the testimonials, the people he has done interviews with and logos of the organizations he has worked for. 

The rest of his website is a list of podcasts with each having a Our free course button for lead generation.


4. Mike Dillard

I’ve been listening to his podcasts for a long time. 

He has such a huge audience worldwide because of the valuable content that he offers. 

His website too belongs to the list of the most desirable websites on the internet because of its amazing design. 

A professional image and a great headline makes his hero banner very sharp. 

In the second section, he has put up some questions almost everyone can relate with so that the visitors feel like at home. 

The next section tells you how he can help you move forward.

So the entire structure of his website is laid out step by step where he asks the questions and then offers the solutions. 

He establishes his social proof using videos and testimonials from different authority figures. 

Finally, he has added a call to action that takes you to his podcast.


5. Dan Lok

Dan Lok is the guy who helps you make money and his website confirms it. 

You can see him standing on his hero banner in a silk coat like a magician on stage with an exceptional headline beside him. 

Dan does a lot of things along with podcasting and has brilliantly organized everything he does on the homepage so that the visitors find no difficulty in browsing his stuff. 

His website has a lot of pages that are categorized well in the navigation menu. 


6. Tom Bilyeu

If you like to watch interviews on youtube then you might have come through the channel Impact Theory by Tom Bilyeu. is the website of that interview show. 

Tom keeps changing the hero banner with every new episode and uses a Watch now button over it that directs the visitors to his latest interview to keep them updated all the time. 

In the next section, he features all of his latest episodes with eye-catching thumbnails of the celebrities that he interviewed. 

The colors used on his website are unique which sets him apart from others and helps him earn the trust of a visitor. 

He builds his authority by photos of himself standing on stage, the awards he has won, and testimonials.


7. Jim Kwik

Jim has the best podcast if you want to improve your cognitive abilities and brainpower.

The first thing that you notice is him standing on a stage giving a keynote speech with a Subscribe button that scrolls to his lead magnet. 

Then he has a feature section displaying the logos of the companies he has worked with and an about section with a great portrait of Jim looking directly at you. 

I especially love his podcast section which has a very unique design. 

The rest of the website is very well organized that even a new visitor can browse comfortably. 


8. Tim Ferris

The best thing about Tim is that he talks about everything ranging from health to wealth. 

Right now he’s talking about the pandemic COVID-19. 

This podcast has won Best of Apple Podcasts award three times, has over 400 million episode downloads, and more than 8000 5-star reviews. 

He recently redesigned his website after quite a few years. 

In the hero space, there’s a black transparent box with his latest episode over a picture of Tim looking straight into your eyes. 

He is using a signup box on the right-hand side to extend his email list of 1.5M+ subscribers that speak a lot about his social proof. 


9. Gary Vaynerchuk

When you open this website, you’ll see that there’s a Text Me button on the menu for one on one interaction with Gary. 

This single button earns the trust of a visitor and improves the chances of him listening to Gary’s podcast. 

At the topmost, there’s an order bar that keeps changing with time to something that he is offering in that time period. 

He has named his newsletters Garyveekly which is a brilliant example of creativity in a personal brand website and helps him gain a lot of leads. 

Then he builds his authority with a video where he is hanging out with celebrities on TV and a featured section having The New York times, Forbes, Fortune 40 Under 40, etc. 

His social media section is so good that it is one of the most copied sections of any website on the Internet. 

He hasn’t given names to the platforms but gave their context and what he is putting out there which is a really great way of building the interest of visitors.


10. Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone is one of the most energetic people that I have seen on the internet. 

He is an old guy who is into this game for a long time. 

That’s why his every video has some sort of energy behind it. 

The first thing that you notice on his website is an impactful headline 10X YOUR BUSINESS, INCOME, AND LIFE. 

It creates a curiosity in the visitor’s mind and leads him to scroll further to check out the whole website. 

Then he has put a Shop Now button which lets you buy his courses and books. 

He is using three different lead magnets from which he is giving out in two and asking in just one. 

Next is an about section with a great portrait shot of Grant Cardone looking at you. 

He builds up social proof using the testimonials from big industry leaders and their black and white images. 

His homepage also features the famous Cardone Zone podcast which almost airs everyday on his youtube channel and podcast stream. 

The website is very well structured and if you notice he is giving out around 80% of the value and asking for just 20%. 



Now that you’ve seen the top 10 beautifully designed podcast websites, it’s time you create one of your own. 

Think of ways you can make your website interactive that draw the eyes of a visitor like the above-listed examples. 

After all your website is meant to be the face of your online presence. 

Please leave the comment below if you want your website to be reviewed or featured in one of our articles.